CrossFit Barbending – CrossFit


Open mobility (No Measure)

10 min of coaches choice

Metcon (Time)

20-calorie bike

165/115-lb. clean and jerks, 20 reps

20-calorie bike
use the bike – stagger your start times – this is a painful sprint

Metcon (4 Rounds for weight)


in any order:

1. DB bench press 5 x max reps (10 or more).

2. DB bent over row 5 x max reps per hand (10 or more).

3. Dips 5 x max reps (rings, fixed, or bench dips).

4. Barbell curls 5 x max reps (10 or more).

Each set should be taken to the point of failure and should be between 10-20 reps. Adjust weights accordingly.

compile 50 strict pull-ups throughout the process

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