CrossFit Barbending – CrossFit


Stable shoulders (No Measure)

Using a single light to moderate KB perform;

TGU – 3 R/L

Windmill – 5 R/L

Arm bar – 5 R/L

Press – 5 R/L

Unilateral Russian swing – 10 R/L

Halo – 5 R/L

Snatch – 5 R/L


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3 rounds:

2 minutes of rope climbs

2 minutes of Alternating Turkish get-ups

Rest 2 minutes

Men: 15-ft. rope 50-lb. dumbbell

Women: 15-ft. rope 35-lb. dumbbell

Jerry (Time)

For Time:

1-Mile Run

2k Row

1-Mile Run
In honor of Sgt Major Jerry Dwayne Patton, 40, died on 15 October 2008 preparing for deployment to Afghanistan.
To learn more about Jerry click here

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