Assimilation for CrossFit Success

As I scan through Wodify results to see how my minions are performing & responding to the new stresses & stimuli our current training cycle is eliciting, I can’t help but take notice of all the new faces. We have new members here from garages, the urging of a friend & transfers from other boxes for various rhyme or reason. This my friends is a good thing. More people means more life experience, more opportunities to teach & be taught, more potential “did we just become best friends” moments. Let’s build some bunk beds!

With that however comes some questions & confusion. I’m here to field those brought to my attention & attempt to provide some clarity so here goes:

• “So what if I don’t know what my 1 RM is?”
That’s an easy one. When the movement appears in the programming, take the allotted time to find one. You can’t do 8 x 4 @ 75% if you don’t have an absolute. 75% of what??? Exactly.

• “How often should I come?”
Listen to your body. It will give you all the answers needed. IMO, the best balance can come from a 3 days on, 1 day off split. This has been proven by the main site data time & again. If you are really going all out for 3 days, your body should need a rest by day 4. If you still feel fresh after day 3, chances are you’re short changing yourself somewhere.

• “But I really wanna do _________?”
You have to work for it. Nothing worth having or doing in this life is given. You have to put in the time, work the progressions & earn that first T2B, or MU, or butterfly cycle, or HSPU or DU or whatever is on your list. Spend an extra 5-10 minutes 2/3 times per week & you’ll be surprised the dividends it pays.

• “Do I really need on ramps? … I’ve been going to Retro for like 6 months bro or I’ve CF’ed before…

Yes, yes & yes. If you more often than not have that deer in headlights look in class, it would behoove you to make the on ramps ASAP. They are the easiest way to make a smooth transition into CF classes if you aren’t well versed or versed at all in our common movements. You are probably dominating the coach on staffs attention which isn’t fair to the other dozen paying members in your class that want some attention & feedback too. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

• “What should I eat?”
We can give you a personal macro plan too. Wodding is only 1/2 of your success at best; nutrition is the bigger part of the puzzle & often times the more confusing part. All you have to do is ask a Coach & they will steer you in the right direction.

Bottom line, if you show up consistently, plan your meals out in advance & smile more your world will be a better place. To help bring all these new faces together, I’m putting together an in-house battle of the classes’ team style competition for the early winter. Keep your eyes & ears open for details to come. It will be a co-Ed team style comp.

– Your Sadistic Coach Jim