Partner Pull

CrossFit Barbending – CrossFit

Open mobility (No Measure)

10 min of coaches choice

Push Jerk (10 min to build heavy)

Front Squat (15 min to find 5 RM)

Metcon (Time)

with a partner complete 2 RDS of:

20 deads 185/125

20 sumo deads 185/125

20 stiff leg deads 185/125

20 DBL Russian KBS 70/53

*one partner completes all 20 reps while the other rests & then switch. Both partners do 80 reps/RD

Metcon (Time)


In teams of three, complete five rounds each for time of:

Row 500 Meters

25 Goblet Squats or Double-Kettlebell Front Squats

5 Wall Climbs

Each team member will start at a different station and may not rotate to the next station until all team members have completed their reps/row. Use as much weight as possible on the squats, but aim to finish in 90-120 seconds.

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