Brian Sadowski CrossFit Trainer Near South River


  • CF-L2
  • CF Mobility
  • CF Football
  • CF Adaptive Athlete
  • AED/CPR Certified

I have always played sports and as a kid I played football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. While in high school, a coach told me I had to get stronger and faster so I did just that by entering a local gym and working with a former powerlifter, who taught me about Westside Barbell and other powerlifting legends. After my baseball career ended in college, and with the discovery of fried Mac n’ Cheese, I put on some weight. “Some weight,” however, might be an understatement—I had blown up to 308lbs. So with prior knowledge I managed to work my way back down to 230lbs. Still, I wasn’t satisfied with my bench press and stair climber lifestyle. Another box shared the same office complex where I happened to work at the time and I would see people doing power cleans and deadlifts—all things I did as an athlete but wasn’t currently doing. So I walked over, signed up, and I haven’t looked back. Over time I found my way to CFBB, and this summer will mark my 3-year anniversary of CrossFit. In May of 2015 I got both my CF Level 1 and CF Mobility certificates. I have taken a great deal of pride in learning as much as I can about CrossFit and human movement, and it has also inspired me to go back to school and pursue a degree in Exercise Science. So if you see me doing some funny-looking stretch, don’t hesitate to ask. My favorite movement is the back squat but I also enjoy kettlebell work. Least favorite is burpees as I loathe them. I also helped coach a few undefeated freshman football teams at Immaculata and also have a State Champion baseball ring in my possession from our 2010 squad. I also for a short time coached Special Olympic athletes in the sport of powerlifting with one of them winning the gold medal in his class.

When I am not at CFBB I am usually following the Boston Red Sox, New York, Jets, or finding some obscure coffee and brewing it at home. I also enjoy reading, and yes, Supple Leopard is picked up quite frequently as is anything written by Jon Krakauer.