LEVEL 1 CrossFit Trainer


I have alway been in love with coaching and physical activity. I started coaching gymnastics in 1999 right here in CFBB before it was CFBB. I continued to coach gymnastics until I went to graduate school for physical therapy where I harnessed my love for coaching into my physical therapy practice. I completed my graduate school education in Scotland at Robert Gordon University where I received my master’s in physiotherapy. After completing my graduate education and working for several fast-paced, mill clinics, I knew I wanted to offer a more personalized approach to treating patients, one where the patient’s health and wellbeing are the center of focus.

In early 2020, I decided to open up my own practice and needed a location. I knew CFBB would be the right place because of their passion for helping people get fit, stay healthy and live long active lives. Thankfully they had a space for me to get started. As a PT I strive to make each session individualized for the patient, no one person is like another and therefore their care shouldn’t be either. I strive to educate patients not only on their clinical diagnosis, but also the benefits of exercise, sleep, nutrition (this is general, global advice, I leave the specifics to the professionals in this area), and how this can help your progress in physical therapy and prevent future injury. I strive to let the patient know that their diagnosis and pain doesn’t have to define them and their activity, you don’t have to stop doing the things you love!

A little more about me: I enjoy coaching some classes in the gym, exercising including CrossFit, running, yoga, snowboarding and chasing my kids around. All of my freetime is family time. I have 2 kids (Henry and Ramona), a dog (Harlan), and a husband (they may or may not be listed in any particular order). Physical therapy and exercising are passions of mine and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share this with others.


  • Master’s of Physiotherapy
  • Board certified in orthopedics
  • Concussion rehabilitation certified
  • SFMA Level 1 and 2 Certified
  • IASTM and cupping certified
  • FMS Level 1 Trained
  • Maitland Trained
  • Mulligan Trained
  • CrossFit-L1 Trainer
  • Soon-to-be Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete certified