CrossFit Barbending – Boot Camp

Stable shoulders (No Measure)

Using a single light to moderate KB perform;

TGU – 3 R/L

Windmill – 5 R/L

Arm bar – 5 R/L

Press – 5 R/L

Unilateral Russian swing – 10 R/L

Halo – 5 R/L

Snatch – 5 R/L

Metcon (Time)

With a partner, complete the following:

4000m Row

For Time

(one partner rows while the other holds 53/35 KB overhead with one arm. If the KB drops below the top of their head at any point, both partners do 3 Burpees and switch positions. The partner holding the KB can switch arms at any point without dropping. The partner rowing can only row if the KB is overhead.)

Metcon (Calories)

Strongman WOD

Double Tabata

1) keg carry AHAP

2) assault bike max cal
note keg weight in comments

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