The New Frontier & The Challenge to end all Challenges

Well boys & girls the 5-3-1 strength cycle has come to an end. We saw a lot of gold badges & that’s a good thing. Collectively, as a community, we’re getting bigger, stronger, faster & ‘explosive-er’. Good……’ll need every ounce of it as we turn the page into our next phase of programming.

A universally excepted fitness principle is that of progressive overload. In order to make continual physiological adaptations, we must introduce more & more stressors on our muscles. If they are not challenged, they will not respond in a manner befitting increased size &/or strength. Strength should be at the top of everyone’s fitness priority list because its the single most imperative factor for you living a long & INDEPENDENT life. The elderly eventually need to go to an assisted living facility because they lack the strength to care for themselves. We my friends will not succumb to such a fate.

With that being said, I’d like to provide a link to a bodyweight training program I came across in my various studies. After some careful consideration, I like this program for multiple reasons. First, it’s going to help increase baseline strength levels without interfering with regularly programmed WODs. The body recovers more rapidly from this type of training because there’s no external loading. It’s just you moving you. Secondly, its three times a week with a day in between. Third, it’s very comprehensive. This program in & of itself is a great jump off for those coming back from injury or lay-off or those who may be pregnant. Lastly, it will improve core strength & body control & we can all use more than that.

Below is the link that explains the program, offers video movement demos for those unfamiliar to us, & a link to a printable PDF to keep track of your progress. Now all you have to do is step up & take the challenge with me. It starts this Monday 8/24 cuz….why wait! Lets do this benders! Grab your WOD wife/husband or form an exercise orgy after your class of choice & get er done!

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