Turkey Trot 2014

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CFBB is Thankful for each and every one of you, Our Athletes. We wish you a wonderful Holiday with your family and friends. ~ Kupko’s , McGowan’s & McEvoy Families!

Now… give thanks for the ass kicking thou are about to receive. 3-2-1 GO

(No Measure)

A fun Kiddos Game

Musical Med Balls

Establish 3 teams of 10+ athletes

Line up med balls , when music starts athletes do a movement chosen by the coach around the med balls. When the music stops you must do a perfect air squat over the med ball. ( do not sit on the ball )

The athletes who are out , must complete a movement while the remaining athletes do another movement chosen by the coach around the med balls.

Continue this until 2 athletes remain, then have a final.

Should there be a tie breaker:

The remaining 2 athletes must compete in an AMRAP air squat challenge for 20 seconds.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Every 5 min for 30 min complete;

400m run then

5 KB russian swings 53/35

5 KB Clean & push press

5 KB snatch


*complete entire complex on right side, then on left side & repeat until RD ends. After each run pick up where you left off. Score is total RDS completed*
Extra performance – snatch pull 4*3 @ 90%

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