Where has all the CrossFit gone?

Lately while coaching and observing class, i can’t help but wonder, “Where has all the CrossFit gone?” Where are all the cheers, the high 5’s, the fist pounds & the chest bumps. Why is the first one done not rallying behind those riding the struggle bus? Whens the last time the echos of the PR bell were heard resonating throughout our new walls in our new home.

With change comes adversity, which by nature of the beast is not easily overcome. Our community has evolved from a 300 SF garage in my backyard to a 9700 SF adult playground in the making in less than 2 years time. Change is scary. Fear should galvanize a family, a community; not tear down the very foundations it was built on. It should reinforce those ideals that separate CFBB from the rest. Theres strength in numbers.

The importance of the CrossFit community, the camaraderie it brings and the support it gives can not be overstated! It is one of the things that makes CrossFit so great. Cheering on and rooting for your fellow athletes before, during and after your WOD can make the difference between pushing through to the end or throwing in the towel, the difference between sticking with working out or going back to being a couch potato, the difference between becoming fitter and healthier or fatter and resting in an early grave (a little extreme?.. maybe, maybe not..think about it).

We all get a lot from CrossFit and the community it breeds, and we all need to give something back! The more you give, the more you’ll get out it. So next time your lying on your back after your WOD, remember your fellow crossfitters who are still working through it. Cheer them on till the end, cleaning-up, chatting and everything else can wait! You never know who’s health you could be helping to save or when you’ll be the one needing the support.

To see a great video on just this click on the following link… Even at the height of competition supporting their fellow competitors is what really mattered!


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